Family Counseling

It’s tough being a teen. But sometimes it’s even tougher being a parent of a teen. Teens Alone is here to help. We know that unaddressed personal, family and school conflict can lead to issues including truancy, dropping out of school, running away and youth homelessness.

Teens Alone is not just for teens and young adults. Our experienced counselors are here to help parents and/or families too – even if a young person decides they do not want to use our services, we welcome parents or siblings to contact us.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’ll try to help you find the ones that make sense for you. Our experienced counselors are committed to:

  • Helping families stay together; if separation has occurred, help with reunification of kids and their parents
  • Helping young people find and maintain safe shelter
  • Helping young people stay in school
  • Supporting families and schools as they help young people define boundaries
  • Helping young people process tough choices
  • Helping families find hope

Our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. They are available to families of young adults (ages 12-25) who attend school and/or reside in the Eden Prairie, Hopkins, St. Louis Park or Wayzata school districts. We also serve students attending Main Street School of the Performing Arts.


We’re here for you. Give us a call at (952) 988-TEEN (8336)
or email us at