Youth Counseling

It’s okay to ask for help. Masters-level counselors work with you and your family to identify problems, draw on your strengths and build solutions. We work hard to respond quickly. Our goal is to return every call within one business day. Services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL and are provided in home, in school, at the Teens Alone office and occasionally, in a coffee shop.

Our counselors provide practical, strengths-based, solution-focused counseling services specifically for you. Teens Alone counseling addresses issues such as family problems, chemical use, abuse and neglect, situational depression and anxiety, families falling apart and possible emerging mental illness. We’re here to help you sort through issues like:

  • Poor communication or arguing with your parents
  • Threats of getting or actually being kicked out of the house
  • Failing grades
  • Having difficulty with a teacher
  • Using chemicals or concerns about your parents’ chemical use
  • Not going to school
  • Problems expressing yourself
  • Problems dealing with separation or divorce
  • Wanting to run away, or you’re already on the run
  • Being homeless or on the brink of becoming homeless


We’re here for you. Give us a call at (952) 988-TEEN (8336)
or email us at